Thomson overflow weir and scum board

General Details

Thomson overflow weir and scum board for water clarification

The overflow weir made by Hook Service is built of stainless steel AISI 304 or 316, usually with a height of 150 mm and a thickness is 1.5 mm. Even with a thickness of this size, the overflow edge is practically eternal. The minimum thickness allows to reduce to a minimum the joints and also the profile will adapt perfectly to the perimeter of the tank without creating any correction of problems that might require a bigger thickness. Our infinity edge will be fixed with a simple bracket of our own design that allows easy height adjustment, with a full tank for a perfect adjustment of the water overflow.
Screw will always be in A2 or A4 and edge will be sealed with an elastolen weir which will ensure the seal between the wall and the edge is infinity itself. The overflow weir can also be sold separately from the scraper bridges and easily adapted to existing tanks.

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