Sludge thickener with central drive

General Details

When a substantial reduction of the percentage of water contained in sludge is desiredd.

The Hook Service sludge thickener with central drive is installed on medium and large size treatment plants if a substantial reduction of the percentage of water contained in the organic or inorganic sludge is desired. The thickener consists of a rotation unit with central drive, comprising an electric motor, a multistage reducing unit, baffle cylinder, shaft and scraping system consisting, in its lower part, of a couple of blade holder arms and, in its higher part, of a set of pickets Made of polystyrene, this material gives the blades greater impact resistance, wear, chemical corrosion and a low coefficient of friction.
The multistage reducing unit is planetary type. The shaft is suspended in line with the unit. The sludge inlet is in the middle, but the flow is deviated by the baffle in order to optimise the thickening. The sludge scraper blades, made in standard section, remove the sludge accumulated on the bottom and collect it in a central pit wherefrom, by a piping, is conveyed to the outlet. Blades and pickets are adjustable. The protection against overloads is carried out by an adjustable dynamometric torque limit switch complete with alarm signalling device is required.


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