Rotating blade sand separator

General Details

Rotating blade sand separator

Sand removal is obtained by combining centrifugal force and speed reduction in the first water inlet sections in the sand separator. The water to be treated enters, in fact, tangentially into a cylindrical tank with conical bottom; The mineral particles approaching the base, slip directly into the collection area at the center of the conical bottom. The fine sand precipi-tates thanks to a second flow that goes from the periphery to the top to the center of the bottom. The deposited sand is pushed to the center of the conical base by a continuous cross flow; This continuous flow prevents the organic material from sedimenting and dragging all the organic particles that adhere to the sand.
After cleaning, the collected sand is lifted by an air-lift system and discharged through a horizontal pipe.
This type sand separator of is made up of a gear oil gear reducer, a rotary unit controlled by the gearmotor, which consists of a hollow shaft crown, a hollow shaft with a pair of blades and an air supply pipe and washing-suction sand system.

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