Reverse osmosis potabilization system

General Details

To eliminate from water all dissolved substances with the reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis is a process whereby pure demineralized water is obtained from water that is very rich in salts. In this way, “desalination” of raw water is possible both for drinking and industrial use, by using automatic systems that are equipped with various types of semi-permeable membranes made of different materials.
The advantages of reverse osmosis are notable: It can be applied to water with any salt content (from water beds, sea water, etc.) at a relatively low cost as the process does not require regular regeneration as for resin systems. According to the dimension of the sluice gate the bulkhead could be made by steel plate or by a frame work of rectangular tubes and pressed steel plate welded inside the holes.
The system designed by Hook Service consists of iron-removal sand filter and two membrane filters. The necessary salts to activate osmosis, ie sodium hypochlorite, sodium metabisulphite and Antiscalant are injected into system with special metering pumps.
The inlet water to membranes is passed through a pump so as to increase the pressure.
The conductivity in osmosis output is monitored by a special instrument above the PLC.
To ensure the quality of water is performed a blending with permeate in order to balance salts residues present, through a needle valve.

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