Dissolved air flotators

General Details

To separate light solids, fat, grease and oils from waste water and reduce pollution

Hook Service air flotators are used to recover light solids, fat, grease and oils from waste water and reduce pollution. Flotators consist of a rectangular flotation tank with a system consisting of a surface chain scraper, a special decelerating structure in stainless steel, an hopper for the sludge, a flocculator, a cleaned water extractor with level regulation; our flotators have the main feature to be equipped without compressor; dissolved air is produced by through a convergent / divergent nozzle directly the back impeller centrifugal pump suitable for suspended solids, filamentous too.
The extraction of the sludge can be done by self-priming pump or single-screw one.
The flocculator can be mount on line or standing alone, for example under the footbridge where you can do several opera-tion with flottator.
Each flottator can be equipped with special accessories such as control panel with control system, pneumatic valves, PH meters and so on.is carried out by an adjustable dynamometric torque limit switch complete with alarm signalling device is require.

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