Filtration, Oxidation and Iron-Removal Plant

General Details

To eliminate iron and manganese from water.

Filtration, oxidation and iron-removal plant allow for removal of iron and manganese from water, present in a non oxidized form. Preliminary oxidation treatment, made with air or, more frequently, with sodium hypochlorite or other oxidizing agents (for example, potassium permanganate), allows the oxidation from Fe2+ to Fe3+ that precipitates as hydroxide. The removal of manganese is through a oxidation of soluble manganese and it is through free chlorine by the catalytic action performed by the mineral granules in the filter bed. At the bottom of filter, the active carbon filter is normally used to remove the exceeding residual chlorine. The choice of the filtering bed, composed by a mixture of catalytic acting minerals and of inert of a suitable size, has been adopted in order to guarantee the contact time required for an efficient removal of iron and manganese.
Periodic filter washing (backwashing with water and final washing) enable the expulsion of the retained impurities and clearing of the filtering bed.
Hook Service manufactures standardized filters from 1 to 50 m3/h, with specific materials according to demands of use and application. The filtration batteries (several parallel filters) can treat total capacities exceeding 5000 m3/h.

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