Peripheral drive circular clarifier

General Details

For primary and secondary setting, utilizing the force of gravity for the removal of solid.

The Hook Service peripheral drive clarifier consists of a central pivot with radial and axial bearings, and a rotary distributor power supply. The central pivot of our production, in addition to having greater reliability than the commercial rallies, requires less maintenance (the pin can be filled with grease so that the lubrication life is longer than a ratchet); You can replace it directly from the walkway without havi ng to move the bridge in rare cases of breakage. The center pin mechanism consists of a ball bearing and two radial ball bearings easily available on the market (SKF or similar). Adjustable blades in all directions to fit perfectly to the bottom of the bathtub. Each blade has a width from 1000 to 1500 mm. The blades are independent to be adjusted to optimize the scraping of the tank and at the same time leave trails between a blade and the other if they are encountered by the same obstacles that can damage blades and bridges or in case of load of Exceptional mud, to be picked up in the next round. The blades are made of sheet metal of adequate thickness, with edge in POLIZENE 1000 which is a thermoplastic material with very high molecular weight. In particular, the bottom blades are of this material whose good resistance and low friction coefficient overshadows the problems encountered by the blades with the wheels (which often clog the bottom of t he tank and straining the bridge) and The rubber blade that wears faster. The blades are arranged with the same inclination as the radial direction (logarithmic spiral) so as to convey the mud towards the center of the tank along a steady slope path and supported by tubular frameworks bound to the bottom of the bridge with suitable joints.

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